Cote de Grinton Moor, Yorkshire. 2014 Tour De France Grand Depart
Cote de Grinton Moor, Yorkshire. 2014 Tour De France Grand Depart

Welcome to my personal website – Please see below for some latest news, and explore the website using the tabs above or email me: edwin.baynes (at) univ-rennes1.fr

Latest news:

04/01/17 – Happy New Year! 2017 is due to be an exciting year, with lots of research planned related to my WaterfallModel3D work.

04/10/16 – AGU presentation details confirmed: I will have a poster titled ‘Knickpoint Retreat: the Role of Channel Self-Organisation‘ on the Wednesday afternoon (14th December) in session ‘Erosion and Sediment Transport in Steep Landscapes’ (Abstract number: EP33D-1027). See you there!

22/07/16 – My PhD thesis is now available for download on the University of Edinburgh Library’s Edinburgh Research Archive (click link to open the download page).

01/06/16 – I started a 2 year Marie Curie Fellowship at the Universite de Rennes 1, France. This research will build on the initial knickpoint modelling work that I carried out during my PhD. For more details of this work, please see the project website: www.waterfallmodel3d.wordpress.com.

25/04/16 –  I have returned from an excellent week at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna. If you would like a copy of the posters that I presented, please feel free to contact me:

Chasing Waterfalls: Experimental controls on knickpoint form and migration processes

Hydralab+: Representing timescales of biological change in flume experiments

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